Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Body Politic

Scene : The TV is tuned to the Lokpal Debate raging furiously in the Lok Sabha. 

Bunnu: That speaker maami* is not good
(*speaker Meira Kumar)
Me: Why ?
Bunnu: She is talking to the people in the room about their bodies
Me: What ?!
Bunnu: Because she keeps on saying The Nose Habit or the Eyes Habit

Comprehension dawns.....
The Nose Habit => The Nos Have It
The Eyes Habit => The Ayes Have It

Monday, December 12, 2011


Caught in circumstances unforeseen
Long the months have been
Numbness and pain
Alternating like the sun and rain

Grudgingly trudging every step
Gritting, wincing, stifling many a yelp
The forced cheer flickers and the mood dips
The smile falters and composure trips

But a stubborn voice, internal
Whispers fiercely, piercing the darkness so abysmal
The shadow play of ups and downs might be infernal
Yet this too shall pass….Hope springs eternal

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Face the music

Bunnu: Violence is bad, right Amma ?
Me: Yes.  Why ?
Bunnu: In school, I heard a violence song.  It was in Hindi.  My teacher played it on CD
Me: What ?!
Bunnu:  Here, let me sing it for you
(hollers at ear-drum-shattering pitch)
Sheela Kills Bavani ... Sheela Kills Bavaaaani !

Wondering if I should:
1) Let the status quo be - better than the actual lyrics
2) Provide him with the correct lyrics - which would immediately be followed by translation requests
3) Attempt a Master Dinanath-esque Ahimsa dialogue

Sunday, May 22, 2011

L.Balaji = Chetan Sharma Ka Chachera Bhai

Hands hurt (thanks for the nice comments folks - much needed boost !)


Some things have to be written about

The scorecard for the final over of the MI Innings read : 4-4-4-4-1-6

Take a bow Franklin and Rayudu !!

Irony of ironies - KKR meets MI again in the next game, and at Wankhede !!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is there light at the end of the Carpal tunnel ?

Let me know .....

Typing every character costs - so restricted to work-related typing only

Unable to read blogs, write posts or comment on anyone's posts

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Waiting

In a blur, time flies fast
The present merging swiftly with the past
Temporal raindrops, standing no chance
Steamed away by the heat of circumstance
Actions calm and deliberate, chaos in disguise
The smiles frequent, never reaching the eyes
Hard-fought battles, optimism the cost
Yet always unclear as to who won and who lost
The mind dithers between sauntering forth and recoiling in terror
The vultures circle, salivating for one error
The heart grows dull, the soul goes stale
Waiting..........waiting to exhale

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's a bird, it's a plane, No .........

It's me,  soaring above the Stratosphere !!

Sri Lankan Innings:
Throat gone hoarse due to non-stop screaming - One
Ears blissfully listening to the crowd go wild during the initial two hours - Two
Number of cushions pummelled to limpness by the 50-over mark- Three
"Yahoos" yodeled during ZaK's initial spell - Four
The abuses/minute rate for every Sreesanth over - Five
Guffaws before the 45th over of the Sri Lankan batting - Six
"Devudaaa" moments during overs 48-50 of the Lankan batting power play - Seven
Fingernails totally bitten off by the 50th over - Eight
Curses yelled at ZaK for giving away 18 runs in the last over - Nine
Fervent prayers to make Ravi Shastri magically stop talking during the break - Ten

Indian Innings:
Number of centuries predicted for the Indian innings - One
Eyes wide open in shock on seeing Viru dismissed LBW by Malinga - Two
Minutes spent on the phone commiserating with the sibling with India reeling at 31 for 2 - Three
The ratio of "mental time" to real time during each over of Muralidharan - Four to one
Shivers of apprehension every time a Gambhir/Kohli stroke unerringly reached a fielder - Five
Seconds of stunned disbelief on seeing Dilshan take out Kohli with a brilliant CnB - Six
Hand slams to the head on seeing MSD walk out at number five instead of Yuvi - Seven
Number of breaths held during each over of Malinga's final spell - Eight
"Porumai Daa, Ninnu Aadungada*" mumbled each time there was a chance of a run out - Nine
Buckets of tears shed on watching Dhoni loft Perera for a massive six to seal the deal - Ten

Each aspect of watching the final game - eminently quantifiable

Watching MSD hit 91 to win the man of the match, and seeing the Boys in Blue hold the cup aloft - Utterly, butterly, immensely immeasurable !!

*Tamizh for "Please be patient and bat steadily"