Friday, July 16, 2010

Telugu Cinema Dialogues Quiz - The Answers

Thanks to everyone who responded to this quiz

Here are the answers

1) Knowledge Is Divine Ante Gyaanam Wine Lantidi. Entha Thaagithe Antha Balam. (Knowledge is Divine means that knowledge is like wine. The more you imbibe it, the stronger you get)

Athadu - Bramhanandam's inspired interpretation of the "'Knowledge is Divine" phrase.  One of the many fine lines in this assassin-with-the-morals-of-gold-themed film whose dialogues are courtesy the supremely gifted Trivikram Srinivas

2) Yuddham Ante Shatruvuni Champadam Kaadhu. Odinchadam  (Wars are not won by killing one's adversaries, but by vanquishing them completely)

Jalsa - Mahesh's voice-over indicating the Sun Tzu-ness of Power Star Pawan Kalyan.  Right after PK does a "Kill Bill" style sword based Shura Samhaaram of a scowling Rahul Dev

3) Kanti Choopu Lakshyam Meedhe Undaali (One's eye should always be on the target)

Magadheera - Forget cooing doves, real warriors conduct their romance over archery lessons.  Instructions mouthed ever-so-woodenly by Udaigad chief-guard Bhairava (the my-armour-is-so-heavy-it-hurts Ram Charan Teja) to the simpering princess Mitravinda (the my-ornate-gown-is-so-heavy-it-hurts Kajal Aggarwal)

4) Babu Maheshu Ekkadunnavu Naayana (Mahesh, ma man, where art thou)

Ashta Chemma - a Wilde-ly madcap comedy  based on "The Importance of Being Mahesh".   Line uttered by a desperate and distraught Srinivas Avasarala after failing miserably at finding a suitable boy named "Mahesh" for the Mahesh Babu-obsessed Swati

5) Nannaki Nannammaki Telisi Chesukundaama, Leda Dongatananga Chesukundaama (Shall we get married with the knowledge of your father and grandma or shall we elope in secret and get married)

Geethanjali - Nagarjuna generously provides several marital options over the phone, ostensibly just to future-lady-love Girija - but his words are dutifully yelled out to all and sundry by Girija's sister, much to the heroine's consternation.  The first of many typical-Mani Ratnam romantic moments in films

6) Avineethiki Aakalekkuva.  Aakaliki Aaratamekkuva (Injustice hungers to propagate itself further.  Acute hunger has a great longing)

Leader - Tanikella Bharani, playing the CM's trusted aide, ponders on the relative influence and power of injustice vs poverty.  One among many hard-hitting dialogues in this Sekhar Kammula-helmed set piece, also RaNa Daggubati's debut film

7) Suddenga Vaadilo Hero Choosanu. Guts Unna Kurrallu Indialo Unnaru. (I suddenly saw a hero in him.  India still has a few gutsy young men left)

Ek Niranjan - Sonu Sood plays a comic villain hell bent on emulating a Cinema Hero.  Sood's Johnny Bhai persona utters this line on being questioned by sidekick Brammaji as to why he let "Amma Ledu Nanna Ledu" bounty-hunter hero Prabhas leave his lair unscathed

8) Nenu Nee Chellini Ishatapadla. Nenu Ishtapadindhi Nee Chellaindhi.  (I did not like your sister.  The one I like turned out to be your sister)

Bhadra - Ravi Teja offers this rapid fire logical salvo to his best buddy, who's rather upset that RT fell flat for his sister (Meera Jasmine plays the comely lass in question) just by seeing a video recording of hers

9) Puli Nee Intiki Vachindha Leda, Mee Amma Adaviki Vellindhi. (Has the tiger come to your house or not ? Your Mom has gone to the forest)

Gamyam - The name is Seenu, Gaali Seenu.  Allari Naresh did a phenomenal job as the sidekick ever-ready to spout witty one-liners in this Telugu rehash of The Motorcycle Diaries.  He makes this quip when a guy (holding up traffic despite the protests of those inconvenienced by his actions) claims to be so brave that he's practically a Puli Bidda (Tiger Cub)

10) Nenu Champanu. Chaavuni Parichayam Chesthaa.  (I do not kill anyone.  I simply facilitate an introduction to death)

Sainikudu - Mahesh Babu, in his medical student Avatar, sets to cleanse the dirt in society, one evildoer at a time.  He utters this line to justify his Dr.Evil ways -  he uses effective techniques to literally scare bad guys to death, instead of killing them.  A colossal flop from Guna Sekhar's stable, especially jarring for The Prince of Tollywood after the stupendous success of Puri Jagannadh's Pokiri


  1. Only you can explain a scene/dialogue the way you did. Hats off !!

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  3. @ Shankari - Thanks. Have seen all of them - hence the explanations

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